New skin.

This has been coming for a while. I have iterated over a form of this site, looking pretty much like this for a few months now. I have decided to keep things minimal, for my mental health, and my goals for this site. I will be continuing to iterate on this design over the next few weeks. Mobile optimization is coming, among other things. The goal was to start with something clean and simple and add new features that compliment that base. I tend to get carried away with superflous details. I am my own worst enemy. I always want to push boundaries, or do something new. It keeps me engaged and interested, but I tend to create more complexity as I solve problems. I create an ever moving goal post. I need to keep it simple. Simple and structured.

Getting this design live is my way of committing to a minimal design. I can always refine from here, but this is my base. This was supremely important for me. I really shot myself in the foot with the last design. I thought it would help me to design more. It did not, and it certainly did not help me write more. Not to say all the fun experimental things are going to disappear  they will just be more controlled. Writing will now be disconnected from the full on art directed mini site experience I worked out before for each post. Which will, I hope, encourage me to write more frequently.

Here is to new.

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